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Mark Comings -- Science Yogi PDF Print E-mail

I've been reading in the ISSSEEM newsletter for several months now that we should expect a major statement from Mark as a forthcoming special issue -- one that "he's been working on for several years."

Since Susan and I are scheduled to attend the ISSSEEM conference in Boulder next month, since I know a little about Mark's work from contacts some years ago via Adidam, and since I'm continuing research into the Yoga Science, I thought I might google him and see if I might get a preview of his thinking.

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Context: Outer & Inner PDF Print E-mail

We're used to thinking of context (outer) as the "bigger picture," but there is always an inner context as well.

I think it was Arthur Koestler who pioneered this idea — so seminal to the Yoga Science — in his work on "Open Hierarchical Systems" composed of "holons in holarchies."

He may not have put it in terms of "contexts," but it may be worthwhile to think this way as yet another way to try to counter our Big Science's preoccupation with the outer world.

Higher Light PDF Print E-mail

The idea keeps coming up that our understanding of complex systems is on the verge of a breakthrough — its about deeper understanding of the complex only being possible via the hypercomplex.

I've considered above how electromagnetic radiation may only be fully understood in light of a full quaternion elaboration found, its seems, only in Maxwell's original work (I'm on the hunt for confirmation of this "working hypothesis" — it seems so "hard to believe" on the face of it).

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Light is Autopoietic Life PDF Print E-mail

Continuing to reflect on the middle range of the SummaTime Scale -- the Electromagnetic domain -- I saw this morning that light might exactly fit the description that Kent has given of an autopoetic system composed of two coupled dissipative systems.

We learn in physics that the electric and the magnetic vectors of light are quite precisely that (although they are typically described as simply orthogonal waves, each is most elegantly descirbed using complex numbers (one part real, one part "imaginary")).

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New Yoga Science Development PDF Print E-mail

At our lunch meeting on 4/14, I suggested to Kent that I’d begun to wonder if the three domains of the SummaTime Scale might line up with the three Special Systems – especially given that I could line up the outer domain (from the Big Bang to the Heartian) with the Dissipative, ala Eric Chaisson’s Cosmic Evolution.  Kent knew from previous discussions that in the “Subjectoscope” I associate the Heartian to Quantian domain with electromagnetism.  He suggested that he had seen somewhere that Maxwell’s equations could be framed in terms of the quaternion.

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Yogicly-informed Scientific Intuition PDF Print E-mail

Steven Wolfram describes in his New Kind of Science the unique opportunity he has had to spend years running computer experiments with cellular automata – basically as a kind of play — and how this “informed his scientific intuition” in an equally unique way.

I’ve come to feel that my experience has perhaps been unique in some ways as well — in my case, the opportunity to play with conceptual structures that might allow science to somehow interface with Yoga in a way that does no violence to either one.

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