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Breaking Subtle Energy News PDF Print E-mail

Readers unfamiliar with the complicated technical history behind our current "energy crisis" may appreciate an excellent new summary from Tom Bearden just released on his website,

This new artilce, "The Deliberate Discard of Asymmetric Maxwellian Systems, Thus Preventing COP>1.0 and Self-Powering Energy-from-the-Vacuum Systems" is dated June 21, 2007. 

It presents a summary overview of what Tom, who has studied this issue for decades, believes really happened to Maxwell's Equations and to Nikola Tesla and how this ties in to our current global problems with fossil fuels.

As suggested previously, I believe this also relates directly with our long-standing impass regarding "subtle energies." 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 July 2007 03:40
John Hagelin, Part 2 PDF Print E-mail

At the time of my first post re Dr. Hagelin’s work as a Yogi-Physicist, I emailed him requesting more information regarding his “Unified Field Equation” in the hopes that I could send Elizabeth Rauscher something she could sink her teeth into.

He eventually referred me to the front page of his magum opus in progress – The Maharishi Central University ( where a version of the equation can be found.  I s-mailed it off to Elizabeth for comment.

He also referred me to his book Manual for a Perfect Government, especially chapter III.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 July 2007 04:46
ISSSEEM-17 Personal Overview PDF Print E-mail

I went with a specific agenda and lots of reservations.  I've felt since attending the 2nd meeting in '92 that the organization would be unlikley ever to live up to its title.  However, I've only just recently realized, I always thought that one of the Ss in the title was for "scientific" — silly dyslexic me.

My specific agenda to meet Elizabeth Rauscher and ask her a bunch of questions about her recent "Balance Equation" paper with Nassim, talk with Norm Shealy about maybe presenting my work at next year's meeting, and seeing if I might get wind of what Mark Comings was up to.  Otherwise the program looked to me like pretty much the same old stuff going round and round.

Ran into Norm shortly after we arrived and we set a date to talk later that day.  We had a nice chat that made clear that my interests in "theoretical frameworks for subtle energies" was not something of particular interest to him.  We talked about all kinds of things including his interest in the "Club of 300" about which I'll be learning more, I'm sure.  At one point, as I brought the conversation back to my work, he reached over and tapping me on the knee, asked, "when is your birthday?"  "February 3rd, 1946," I replied.  He sat back with a big grin and said, "ah, yes, a butterfly chasing a rainbow!"

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 October 2007 23:10
John Hagelin -- Yogi Physicist PDF Print E-mail

For our Yoga Science project, the outstanding keynote talk at this year’s ISSSEEM meeting in Boulder was that of physicist John Hagelin.  Readers unfamiliar with him can read a bio at  He left a promising career at the highest level of physics some 25 years ago to work on “novel applications” in the context of the TM organization of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Some may remember him as candidate for US President from the Natural Law Party in the 2000 election.

His talk in Boulder was given by video webcast and is available via ISSSEEM’s website, but access costs $125.  I found a very similar presentation given to IONS on 2/18/07 that is available in streaming video for free at  My review here is of this earlier talk.

Last Updated on Saturday, 30 June 2007 04:28
Kosmic Innernet PDF Print E-mail

As I continue to peer through the Subjectoscope, still reeling from Nassim Haramein's remarkable DVDs ("Crossing the Event Horizon"), and plodding through Elmer Green's Ozawkie alternating with Haramein & Rauscher (H&R), all in preparation for next week's ISSSEEM, (much more to be said about all these things going forward), I'm led to further reflections on my now 40 years of experience with Brahmamurta.

In the Yoga tradition, Brahmanurta comprises the pre-dawn hours — known as the time of day most conducive to deep meditation.

An integral part of my SummaRevelation back in the Fall of '87 — right in there with the scale-re-entrant fractal Kosmic vortex (now explicitly described in terms of their new solution to Einstein's field equations by H&R) — was something about how Brahmamurta actually works scientifically:

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Mach's Principle for Yoga Science PDF Print E-mail

According to the Wikipedia article, Mach’s Principle is that “the inertia of a body arises from its relation to the totality of all other bodies in the universe.”  (Einstein apparently name the Principle and made use of it in developing his General Theory of Relativity.)

I’m proposing that the human body (and its indwelling consciousness) itself arises in relation to the totality of all other bodies in the universe.

Furthermore, that bodies are nondual with their consciousnesses, and that the most fundamental nature of that "relation" is “pan-Planckian entanglement.”

This is the “take-away” for me of Julian Barbour’s End of Time.

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 June 2007 23:00
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