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My "Yoga Science Fall Review" seems to be wanting to leap forward (may be "the story of my life") to what I'm beginning to think is the most interesting thing I've run across this year (thanks to Jon Cunnyngham at ISSSEEM): the WingMakers > Lyricus > Event Temples story.

Re-reading the wikipedia entry this morning, I found a link to the original Jan '99 website and there found in the "interview with Dr. Anderson" (no relation) (via -- aka "The Wayback Machine"):

"At an atomic level our physical bodies are made quite literally from stars.  At a sub-atomic level, our minds are non-physical repositories of a galactic mind.  At a sub-sub-atomic level, our souls are non-physical repositories of God or the intelligence that pervades the universe."

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Elmer Green – Yogi + Scientist, Part 2 PDF Print E-mail

This is the fourth time I’ve started this entry in the past ten days.  Finally realized what the hang up is: there are 93 skinny Post-it stickies in my 3 volumes of Ozawkie in green, red, blue and yellow.  These mark the many items that caught my attention during my slow read through in April, May, and June – far too many to really do justice here in a blog brief.

So, I’m going to leap to the conclusion:

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Elmer Green – Yogi + Scientist, part 1 PDF Print E-mail

During May I read through The Osawkie Book of the Dead – Alzheimer’s isn’t what you think it is by psychophysiology pioneer Elmer Green PhD. I was moved to do this for several reasons:  I feel I’ve been a student of Elmer’s since I first discovered biofeedback in college in the spring of 1968;  I was looking forward to attending – for the first time in nearly 15 years – the ISSSEEM Conference that he founded, hoping perhaps to connect with him there;  I’d seen references to the book in the ISSSEEM newsletter Bridges that made clear the book revealed a very different side of Elmer than the one I’d known to date; and I’m curiously drawn to enormous books that others have heard about but rarely have the time to actually read.

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2007 Review, Part 1 PDF Print E-mail

Along with the above noted, in December ‘06 I also worked to change the name of YREC to the Yoga Science Foundation and develop a simple YSF website.  The new name, the website, and the newly discovered STSe all debuted in brief presentations at SYTAR in Los Angeles in mid January.  (We subsequently changed the name again to YREF for good reasons I won’t go into here).

Then, in January...

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'06 Recap PDF Print E-mail

2006 was an eventful year for my Yoga Science project – culminating with the extended SummaTime Scale and associated subjective/objective correlation alignment that I’ve been exploring since.

To begin the ’07 Fall Review, it seems useful to recap the major events of ’06 that set the stage for the developments of this year.

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Fall Review PDF Print E-mail

Been a couple of weeks since the last entry.  I've been reading the comprehensive review of the 25 years of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research project in the recent issue of Explore Journal, following up on many provocative ideas from my meeting with Jon Cunnyngham at ISSSEEM, and delighted to get webmaster Wolf's reports about Thomas Metzinger in the German press and in Science — lots more about Metzinger soon.

August is ending a cool summer, but we may yet have some hot times ahead before the rains begin in Oct/Nov.  Time for a Fall Review -- may take a couple of weeks, but here is a tentative beginning agenda:

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