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"End of Time" Redux PDF Print E-mail

In recent weeks, I’ve found myself contemplating again a key point I came to in the discussion section of “The Subjectoscope” – how reality could consist of a vast assembly of Planckian Instants.  There I referred to theoretical physicist Julian Barbour’s 2001 Oxford Press volume, The End of Time.

Comes in this week’s New Scientist magazine a lovely article by Amanda Gefter — “Time’s Up” — about the work of French physicist Carlo Rovelli and his colleagues along similar lines. (I hope it is not “cheating” to give here a link to a recent posting of the article at

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News Flash: Plato was a Yogi! PDF Print E-mail

Just finished reading a magnificent and most provocative piece of scholarship: The Shape of Ancient Thought: comparative studies in Greek and Indian philosophies by Thomas McEvilley, published in 2002 by Allworth/SVA (no relation).

In the course of 732 pages of beautifully written and carefully documented prose, McEvilley establishes the evidence for a number of surprising conclusions of great relevance for the Yoga Science:

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Yoga Science Prefigurement – Part 2 PDF Print E-mail

Here I’ll look to the update on Faivre provided by his student Wouter Hanegraaff’s New Age Religion and Western Culture: Esotericism in the Mirror of Secular Thought, published in 1998 by SUNY. 

This book brings our “prefigurement” up to the 1990s with a detailed study of the “New Age:” its roots in the Renaissance esotericism characterized by Faivre; the response to the progressive secularization of society since the Enlightenment beginning in the late 17th Century; and the important ways that esotericism changed as it looked “in the mirror” of “progress,” Romanticism, occultism, the study of religions, evolution, and psychology.

I’ve never before encountered such a readable but thoroughly erudite and detailled study of the historical roots of my own “marginal” mind.

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Yoga Science Prefigurement – Part 1 PDF Print E-mail

Continuing study of Faivre and Hanegraaff reveals that as they distill and characterize esotericism, I find countless echoes of Yoga Science.  It is as if there is a Principle of Prefigurement at work: the more fundamental the fact for Yoga Science, the more clearly it appears as a theme they have found characteristic of esotericism – which I’ll discuss in general since the Renaissance according to Faivre in Part 1 here, and more recently in terms of the 20th Century New Age movement according to Hanegraaff in Part 2 to follow.

Here I’ll attempt to give some initial impression of how I see this Principle at work by looking at each of Faivre’s “six fundamental characteristics of Western esoteric spirituality” – the first four “intrinsic,” the last two “relative.”   I’m not certain when this scheme was first published by Faivre, likely in his Accès de l’ésotéricisme Occidental in 1986.  In any case, it has been cited and further elaborated upon by his various students, including Hanegraaff and de Michelis in the decades since.

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A New Stage for the New Age PDF Print E-mail

With the proposal for my ISSSEEM workshop finally submitted, my conversation with Kent about nonduality and Dzogchen ongoing, and discovery of Faivre and Hanegraaff opening a new window into the historical roots of my “New Ager” mind, to this morning’s hypnopompic eye appeared a new constellation of Yoga Science as facets of a precious gem:

  • Historical roots – recent > deep > deeper > deepest “nondual bedrock”
  • Technical elaborations – Yoga Science > Nondual Science > Science of Nonduality
  • Practical applications – “The Spiritual Heart of Health”
  • SummaParadigm – Nondual Realization itself  

Elaboration of these is my road ahead.

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Major Developments PDF Print E-mail

Received a positive response to my "brief technical report" from a number of my "big name" contacts including ISSSEEM President Norm Shealy Md PhD who requested I also offer a workshop at next year's ISSSEEM. 

I'm finalizing that submission over the next few days -- Norm extended the deadline to 12/1.

Meanwhile, my friend and colleague Amy Beddoe referred me to a most interesting and Yoga Science relevant book, A History of Modern Yoga, 2005, by Elizabeth de Michelis.

De Michelis draws heavily upon the work of a recently opened scholarly field -- history of Western esotericism:

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