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Finally, THE “New Paradigm” PDF Print E-mail

I’ll outline here, and in one or more subsequent posts, how it’s now coming into greater focus, but first I should try to make clear what I mean by “paradigm.

The term was “given its contemporary meaning” by Thomas Kuhn in his Structure of Scientific Revolutions first published by the University of Chicago Press in 1962.

Kuhn’s ideas generated a tremendous amount of scholarly discussion and criticism inside academia that continues to this day.

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Esoteric Anatomy = Structure of Time PDF Print E-mail

This is the central implication of my esotericist interpretation of the SummaTime Scale: it depicts our most essential “anatomy” as the very structure of the time-domain.

That our most fundamental “anatomy” is thus temporal has been hidden heretofore by its own depth – its inherent inconceivability – covering, as it appears to, more than sixty orders of magnitude.

Consider: Charles Eames, the famous 20th Century industrial designer who gave us the film “Powers of Ten,” developed an innovative design methodology that included looking at the project from a power of ten on either side of its design scale.

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A Science of Now PDF Print E-mail

This may be a good way to describe what I think I've discovered – especially in a post-Oprah&Tolle New Earth world.

The wildfires in our neighborhood are under some degree of control, we’ve completed the bulk of our fire season preparations here at home, and the weather was been relatively cool this past week.

I’ve been procrastinating on the ISSSEEM ’08 report I promised in order to first catch up on the many items I set aside over the past six months in order to focus on my Yoga Science writing.

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Yoga Science ISSSEEM Debut PDF Print E-mail

It has been over a week since the ISSSEEM meeting ended, but when we got to the airport in Denver we discovered that “dry lightening” strikes all over Northern California on Friday evening 6/20 had sparked hundreds of wildfires, including several within miles and upwind of our home near Ukiah.

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On the Eve of ISSSEEM ‘08 PDF Print E-mail

With my preparations for the debut of Yoga Science this weekend completed, a host of new reflections are arising here – at the crack of dawn when I’d rather be sleeping – typical.

The intensive work I’ve done these past six months on this has given me a whole new sense of the historic importance of what this amounts to.

I’m having to seriously intensify my relaxation practice in order to conduct the energy being released as a result.

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Esotericist History draft posted PDF Print E-mail

The final backgrounder for the debut of Yoga Science at ISSSEEM in Boulder next month is finally here -- whew!  It took a lot of work, but it was also most informative.

I think this piece forms an important link in my “Yoga Science Argument:” if we allow “Yoga” as a term for the full range of esotericisms and we then take a look at current opinion in the historical sciences, we discover a single global story that begins with the first human migrations about 50,000 years ago that eventually populated the earth.

The story continues with a long and complex history of human migrations now beginning to be unraveled by geneticists helping coordinate the many findings of the more traditional fields of paleontology, anthropology, and archeology.  (For the fascinating details on this story, see the wikipedia artilce on Early Human Migrations.)

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