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Big Shift in the Action PDF Print E-mail

I’m writing to point my readers to the website for the Yoga Science Foundation that we launched 10/1/10.

This personal website – the one you are visiting now – was devoted primarily to the early stages in the development of the “Yoga Science Project” which took a big turn last year toward becoming a Yoga Science Process:

For Every Science there is a Time Scale PDF Print E-mail

One of the most dramatic features of 20th Century science is how vastly expanded our scientific time scales became.

Starting with Max Planck’s proposal on the eve of the new century of a minimum time possible (later known as the Planck time), to the realization mid century that the universe might be upwards of ten billion years old, scientific time was stretched way beyond what we can conceive.

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Implications of the Anthropic Cosmological Timeline PDF Print E-mail

Objectivist (materialistic, reductionist) science is hereby hoist upon a petard it has so secretly clutched to its breast that most scientists have never given it a second thought.

The ACT demonstrates how simple the alternative really is: just turn scientific cosmology inside out and you have a radically new nondual scientific cosmology.

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The Inside-Out Scientific Revolution PDF Print E-mail

Develop a viral video competition for the most effective way to communicate this:

Human existence may have arisen from the struggle for survival, but now, humanity faces its greatest challenge ever, perhaps since the Tova super-volcano 70Kyr ago, and time seems to be “running out.”

Although humanity’s struggle was originally against the hostile forces of nature, in recent millennia the struggle has increasingly become human group against human group over ever-dwindling resources.

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Inside-Out Revolution--Humanity Awakening PDF Print E-mail

It seems a great change is upon humanity.  We all are groping for precedents. I propose that this time we are seeing the culmination of a 50,000+ year process of global humanity awakening.  This time we are dealing with the inside-out revolution.

Because of the huge momentum of the far more ancient biological struggle for survival, our common heritage to now has been primarily one of up-down revolutions.  Thus, our mixed experience of the last 50,000+ years: up, down, up, down.  But now, the long but far shorter awakening is reaching a turning point.

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Our Nonduiverse PDF Print E-mail

In the course of contemplating the possibility of working this next year with Charles T. Tart on the program for the 2010 Conference of ISSSEEM, I’ve become aware of the fact that Dr. Tart is an avowed dualist.

See, for example, his recent poster at Tucson VII, Toward a Science of Consciousness, titled "A Future for Dualism as an Emperical Science?"

He is convinced that the body of evidence that has been elaborated by his field of parapsychology cannot be accounted for by what he calls "materialistic monism."

I agree with him on this point.  However...

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